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Kyra Banko

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My journey began creating art from trash as a kid. Then, my focus turned to athletics. Art has always been a passion of mine but treated as a hobby I did on occasion. After 10 years of sports and 12 surgeries later, I circled back to the creative process.


I value community by acknowledging ways to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives through design. Most of my inspiration comes from personal experiences of various outlooks, ranging from sports, fashion, function and aesthetics in daily life. Sustainability is important to me and something I always take into consideration. I enjoy creating opportunities to incorporate my hobbies into my work. I am intrigued by the medical, aviation and fashion industries. 

I am an Otis College Alumni working as an aircraft interior designer / upholsterer for Western Jet Aviation located in Van Nuys, CA. I'm actively working on my instrument rating, and looking for the next challenge. 

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